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Maxell Kurehas’ rubber sheets have high dimension accuracy and stable physical properties.
We can correspond to your needs with a wide range of product series including special-purpose items. We have developed brand-new line-ups “Ecology Sheet: E series” for recent market needs.
Please consider Maxell Kurehas’ Ecology Sheet for adoption which are suitable for REACH regulations(As of April 2018), RoHS Directive 2.0. Moreover those can satisfy the voluntary restraint of Japanese main manufactures.



Maxell Kureha had introduced new rubber vulcanizing machine which can cast super wide sheet. We can produce joint-less super wide rubber sheet until three meter width by using various rubber material.


It reduces the damage to the conveyor belt by shock of a falling materials and keeps surrounding clean by preventing from dropping of materials.

Metso Belt Cleanerdetails


Belt Cleaner is a cleaning system to clean belt conveyors which transport the crude materials in ironworks industry, mining, power stations and so on.

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