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VBRAN (Vibration damping material)

Vibration damping material, Vibration protection material, Sound absorber, Vibration damping rubber, Shock absorbing rubber, Low resilience rubber, Sound absorbing foam rubber.
Sound, vibration and shock are transferred to heat energy and absorbed.


  • Sound, vibration and shock are transferred to heat energy.
  • Using Kureha’s know how we can supply with various kinds of material; rubber, foam rubber, etc.
  • As we can supply extremely thin type and long size type, we can use for various purposes and contribute for cost reduction.

※VBRAN® stands for Vibration Blocking Rubber Anti Noisomeness.


Line up

Kureha will supply various vibration proof material by using various kinds of material.

A list of articles and numbers

Series name Main Functions
G-series vibration control, low-repulsive, high-repulsive, shock absorption
S-series vibration suppression
F-series sound absorption
L-series complex(vibration suppression, sound absorption, sound insulation)
Sound Absorber

Powerful against on both sides of sound source and sound propagation Applicable to vibration protection, vibration damping, sound absorption and sound sealing depending on material

Sound protecting effect of product series


Line up of sound protecting material 

Main functions Product name
Shock absorption, vibration control, low-repulsive G-series; G-N57, G-A30
High shock absorption, high-repulsive G-series; G-Q05G, G-Q10, G-Q20
Vibration suppression S-series; S-N89F
Sound absorption F-series; F-E56, F-E56F2, F-P30, F-P30F
Vibration suppression, sound absorption, sound insulation L-series; KE dumper

G series G-N57,G-A30

●High shock absorption Good shock absorption at normal temperature
●Low resilience Resilient elastic modulus 2.5% (energy absorption 97.5%)
●High load resistance Enduring at high weight which is hard for low hardness rubber
●Other characteristic ・As we can supply a long size type, we can contribute for cost reduction and large size production.
  ・We can give low resilience to the rubber without damage.
  ・Good oil resistant and good light resistant. Easy processing.


Type G-N57(High Load Type) G-A30(Wide Temperature Type)
Material NBR(Nitrile Rubber) ACM(Acrylic Rubber)
Color Black Black
Thickness 0.5〜10mm 1〜6mm
Width 1,000mm(1M) 1,000mm(1M)
Length 3M 3M
  ■Good shock absorbance at normal temperature.
■Resilient elastic modulus 2.5% (energy absorption 97.5%)
■Enduring at high weight which is hard for low hardness rubber and gel.
■Good shock absorbance at wide range temperature.
■Resilient elastic modulus 2.5% (energy absorption 97.5%)
■Good heat-resistant.

Please inquire us about other thickness.

●Office automation equipment :supporting rubber for printers
●PC, Electric equipment :bottom of PC and HDD. LCD.
●Transport machine :interior and exterior decoration of car, Machines for heavy industry, Vessel
●Machine equipments :Compressor, Vending machine
●Housing :Vibration control unit
●Sports equipments :Grip, Protectors
Physical data
Type   G-N57 G-A30
Hardness Point 57 32
Tensile strength Mpa 11.3 3.8
Elongation at break % 520 380
Change ratio after aging % 100℃×72hr
・Tensile strength +33 +13
・Elongation -21 -13
・hardness +10 +3
Compression set(70℃×24hr) % 59 19
Compression set(125℃×72hr) % 89 42
Liquid resistance test % 100℃×72hr
・IRM 903oil volume change ratio -4 +4
・ASTM No1oil volume change ratio -10 +2

The data is test values and not for guarantee

Loss factor(measurement frequency:10Hz)

Compression property

Impact test

S series S-G150,S-GN89F,S-P35F

Under review (new formulation) 

Fseries  F-E56,F-E56F,F-A40,F-P30

●Sound absorption :It shows 3 times more sound absorption efficiency than conventional material like urethane foam. Excellent sound absorption in audible sound frequency 1000 - 4000 Hz.
●High function :EVA is good for weatherability and chemical resistance.
●Low environmental load :Hydrogen cyanide gas generation is below 1/1000 comparing to polyurethane foam, so recycling is easier and the load to the environment is less.
●Other characteristic :EVA is chemically stable in water and is not hydrolyzed.


Type F-E56
(Standard Type)
(Heat resistanceType)
(Heat resistanceType)
Color gray ash brown black black
Thickness 2〜90mm 2〜90mm 2〜70mm 2〜70mm
Width 1,000mm(1M) 1,000mm(1M) 1,000mm(1M) 1,000mm(1M)
Length 2M 2M 2M 2M
Noncombustible - UL Standard:HF-1 - -
●Communication Appliance :Portable audio equipment, case for PC
●Others :Living equipment, interior and exterior decoration of car and Shinkansen, AV equipment
Vertical sound absorption coefficient

Sound absorption ratio indicates how much of sound is absorbed in actual material.
Sound absorption is defined the incident that strikes a material that is not reflected back.

L series KE Damper

  • KE damper is good for vibration damping material and soundproofing material, and can reduce the vibration and sound from vibrating body. KE damper is thin sheet for vibration blocking.
  • When we attach KE damper directly to the vibrating metal plate, we can reduce the production of vibrating and noise.
  • We can select from vibration damping sheet or complex of vibration blocking sheet and sound absorbing foam sheet.
  • KE damper is very flexible and it is easy to bend.

uses; computer, office machine, sound equipment, air conditioner, construction machine, agricultural machine, transport machine, measuring equipment, medical machine, etc.


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