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Wide width rubber sheet

Concerning silicone rubber sheet, it has been requested more about tear strength and elongation adding traditional characteristics such as heat resistance. We have developed high tear strength wide silicone rubber sheet, and manufacture super wide rubber sheet of more than two meter width to three meter width by installing rotary curing press.
Super Wide rubber sheet series have gained broad support from the market because of their new characteristics and economic efficiency.
We manufacture Super Wide rubber sheet from natural rubber and synthetic rubber in addition to silicone rubber.


  • It is much superior tear resistance, tensile strength and elongation to other conventional type at the normal temperature, high and low temperature(-60~180°C)
  • Since it is wide width size by integral molding (casting) that there is no generating of crack from joint part like conventional type. In addition, it exceeded to result economic efficiencies in case of dies cutting molding from sheets.
  • As functional material in the processing in the fields such as aviation, road sign, furniture, built in kitchen unit and solar panel industries, many track records and reliances have been obtained domestic and overseas as an important material.
Material standard size
Thickness 2 mm~3mm
Width Less than 3,000mm(1,400mm,1,600mm,1,800mm,2,000mm,2,400mm,3,000mm)
Length Less than 6,000mm

※Manufacturable size depends on the Number, please do not hesitate to ask us.

Product variation


Quality Product NO. Feature
High tearing strength silicon type SR930T Low hardness and high elongation type
SR940T High elongation and high tearing strength type
SH950T High tearing and multi-purpose type


Application of vacuum presses membrane

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