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Ultra-thin rubber sheet “Pera-pera-kun”

Most suitable ultra thin and precise rubber sheet for computer, multi-media,infomation technology and high tech industry.


  • With our own unique technology the ultra thin like 0.05mm〜0.2mm rubber sheets are available.
  • High accurate thickness tolerance ±10%.
  • The sheet size is 1,000mm wide and 10m long.
  • The substances of environmental concern (SOC) specified by PRTR, RoHS2.0, ELV or REACH is not used to meet with Green procurement standard.
  • The vulcanization agents or antioxidant are not used for anti staining.
  • The ultra thin sheet with high strength and superior tension set.
  • The standard product has the base of polyester film which is convenient in handling and shows good dimensional stability for processing.
  • The different designs can be made such as plain cloth, pear skin, or mirror on the surface of rubber sheet.
  • The various other special features can be added such as electric conductivity, non flammability, thermal conductivity, self adsorption, light shield, light transmission and etc.
  • “Pera-Pera-kun” is registered trade mark N0. 4368001.
Item No. Physical properties Material Composition Surface Color Thickness
Type A
SC50NNS 52 12 440 Silicone Single
Base material strip
pear skin Translucent 100μm

SC50J5S 52 12 440 Silicone + PET Rubber/base film
composite type
EB81NNS 78 13.5 180 EPDM Single
Base material strip
Black 100μm
※The physical properties are tested value and not for guarantee.
※Please inquire us for the non standard dimensions.
※The thickness of composite type includes the film thickness.
※The specifications are subject to change without notice.

Please inquire us for the details of products.
Single rubber sheet type
The base film can be separated and single rubber layer has elasticity.
Rubber/Base film composite type
The rubber layer and base film is stuck firmly without adhesive layer.
Top and bottom films/Center Rubber type
The multiple films with rubber layer can be separated or stuck firmly.
Top and bottom rubber/Center Base film type
The multiple layers of rubber and film. The different kind of rubber materials can be used.
●Some products are supplied with cover film on rubber surface.

Display Protective Sheets

For LCD, PDP, EL protection of thin type TV display, PC, Digital camera, Mobile phone, Car navigator, and other touch panels.


  • AG (Anti-glare), Anti-glitter, AR (Anti-reflection), high gloss and contrast improvement, louver and etc. which make use of the characteristics of various films.
  • High transparency (higher than 90% of total luminous transmissivity.)
  • Special treatment is given on the film surface for easier cleaning of finger oil, dirt or finger ring and prevent the surface from scratching.
  • The film can be easily put on and off from the display panel.
  • The special material is used to protect adhesive face from being dirty.
  • The product is 2 layers without adhesive glue. There is no separation between optical film and self-adhesive layer.
Optical specifications

Display Protective Sheets

Item Optical characteristics Pencil scratch hardness Optical function 備考
Total luminous Transmissivity
SC10-AG 91.7 8.7 2H AG (Anti-glare), Anti-reflection Anti-glittering Finger ring protection Hard coat
SC10-AR-H 96.26 1.38 3H AR (Anti-reflection) Visual improvement Hard coat
SC10-HC-AB 92.8 1.8 2H High gloss Improvement of contrast Anti microbial Anti dirt Hard coat
SC10-AG-AB 92.4 5.5 2H AG (Anti-glare), Anti-reflection Anti-glittering Anti microbial Anti dirt Hard coat

SC10-AB Series are treated on the surface of highly glossy film for anti microbial and bacteria increase is restrained. The product is put autonomous mark SIAA (Anti Bacteria ISO).

It is easy to wipe off the finger print and skin oil, and good for anti dirt. ●SIAA mark is given under ISO22196 for the products of its quality management is done and related information is made open in accordance with the guide line of Anti Microbial Product Technology Association.
●The characteristic values are tested values and not our guarantee.
●Test methods:
   Total Luminous Transmissivity JIS K 7361  
   Haze JIS K 7136
   Pencil Hardness JIS K 5400
●The product specifications are subject to changed without notice. Please inquire us for the details of the product.

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