We have the nuique original system with rubber lining material, such as rod mill. and drum mixer.


  • Overwhelming strength of cost saving
    We recognize that the cost of pulverization per ton of material become much cheaper compared with steel liner. We recognize that the life cycle will be increased 2 to 2.5 times generally, and thus reduce the cost of exchanging the liner.
  • Easy for attachment and removal
    Since it is 20% of light - weight compared with metal attachment and removal process become easy and safe.
  • Reduction of noise
    Noise decrease by 10db to 15db as compared with the conventional metal liner.
  • Fixed attachment system
    Due to the system of tightening the rubber and metal by casting and T-bolts that the fixation with the main part and the rubber liner are robust. Therefore, there is no totter arise at the liner.
  • Unnecessary for making holes
    Since it is available to move the bolt of lifter bar to every position, it is not necessary to make a hole newly in the main part of the mill.
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