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Thermal Conductiv Rubber Sheet KURECOOL

KURECOOL® is a silicone rubber sheet
which have an excellent radiation properties.


  • Thermal conductivity:1.5〜7.0W/m・K, abundant variation. You can select the products according to your required characteristics
  • The flexivility and adhesion behaviour make it possible to stick on the uneven surface of electoronic components, and to produce the excellent thermolytic effect.
  • Excellent electrical insulation and flame-retardant properties make it possible to use in a wide range of temperature.
Lineup / specifications
A list of articles and numbers
  S150N S180N S300N S500N S700N remarks
Thermal Conductivity 1.5 1.8 3.0 5.0 7.0 ASTM E1530
Thickness 0.2 〜 22
※Not all sizes of thickness are available
for particular products.

※the data are only test value and not for guarantee.


Examples of Application


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